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Killington, VT Selects Short Term Rental Compliance Provider

Resort towns across the nation have seen an evolution of their tourism markets since the sharing economy began growth. By enabling homeowners to rent out their properties as short-term rentals the towns are able to provide income to their residents as well as a more authentic stay for those who come to recreate. Short-term rentals in resort towns face their own unique needs, one of those needs being transparency with their local governments. Killington, Vermont is no exception to this need, home to two downhill ski resorts, a multitude of hiking, with access to the Appalachian Trail and Long Trail cutting through town, short-term rentals are an integral part.

As of July 2020, Killington, Vermont has contracted with LODGINGRevs for short-term rental compliance. “Killington looks forward to working with LODGINGRevs. One of the reasons we picked LODGINGRevs was because of their extensive experience working with resort communities,” said Preston Bristow, Town Planner, Killington Vermont.

A leader in the short-term rental compliance software industry, LODGINGRevs has delivered the highest levels of compliance to municipalities across the nation since 2011, with an emphasis and increased results in resort towns.

LODGINGRevs will enable Killington, Vermont to identify all short-term rentals operating within their jurisdiction. Compliance is a key part of their ability to adapt ordinance changes as they happen in the coming months. The expert review team at LODGINGRevs has been able to adapt their systems to identify the short-term rental occupancy for discrepancy between the advertisement and what is listed in the description of the ad.

Killington decided on LODGINGRevs as their provider for their ability to deliver high compliance rates, history of satisfied resort town clients, and minimal turnover of employees. Ensuring that their account manager will be an extension of their community and invested in their success for years to come.

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