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A positive outcome for TechnoAlpin Austria

Celebrating 4 years on the Volders site

TechnoAlpin's new Austrian headquarters opened its doors four years ago in the Tyrolean town of Volders. Since then, not only has the surface area expanded, but the workforce and number of projects have also increased. Today, the site houses TechnoAlpin's international spare parts management systemand plays a vital role in the international strategy adopted by the world market leader for snow-making solutions. "In Austria, one of TechnoAlpin's most important markets, we benefit from close customer proximity and a remarkable infrastructure," explains Matthias Illmer, Managing Director of TechnoAlpin Austria.

Up to 2,000 shipments every month

Over the last four years, the office and warehouse space on the Volders site has expanded by approximately 50 percent, ten percent of which is taken up by office space. 38 employees currently work here - almost 50% more than in 2016. TechnoAlpin Austria currently serves around 2,400 ski resorts in 37 countries. In fact, the number of ski resorts served by TechnoAlpin has increased by approximately 400 since 2016. Around 50 projects are carried out in Austria each year.

Some 6,500 different components are currently stored in Volders, boasting an inventory of 530,000 individual items. Over 8,000 shipments were processed in 2019 with up to 2,000 per month at peak times in November and December.

Focus on digitalisation and automation

In addition to managing the spare parts business, Volders is also home to defect analysis, which forms the basis for quality management as well as research and development. "The analysis of returned parts and close customer contact are intrinsically linked to the ongoing development of the product range," says Matthias Illmer. "So much has happened since the Austrian site opened four years ago. I am delighted with the positive development and am confident that this will continue in the future." The main focus over the next few years will be the digitalisation and automation of the logistics center.

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