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Doppelmayr: Cablebús Línea 1 in Mexico City

The cable car ensures sustainable mobility for all! This new means of transportation will carry people who live in the northern district of Cuautepec on a direct route to one of the city’s major transport hubs, Indios Verdes.

Construction started in September 2020 and is in full swing. By 2021, passengers will enjoy a safe, reliable and fast ropeway ride. This innovative and environmentally friendly mode of transport guarantees maximum safety and comfort.

Construction progress Cablebús Línea 1

Efficient, reliable and focused: These are the values Doppelmayr/Garaventa displays at the construction site for the Cablebús Línea 1 in Mexico City. Indios Verdes, the largest traffic hub of the Cablebús Línea 1, will soon be ready to start operations. The towers between the stations Indios Verdes and La Pastora have already been installed. Ideal for a dense urban environment, they have a small physical footprint. Next to Tlalpexco station, which is an integrated part of an urban upgrade program, a public soccer field is also nearly completed.

Doppelmayr/Garaventa’s lean logistic management guarantees short construction times. The implementation of the cable car system and its mostly steel components (towers, station equipment, station drives, sheave assemblies and the rope) is being handled fast and efficiently on site.

A highlight is the rope of the Cablebús urban ropeway with a total length of 9,2 km, providing a comfortable and smooth ride.

Key facts
Línea 1:9.22 km, 6 stations, 62 towers, 377 cabins, 10 people per cabin and up to 4000 pphpd (people per hour per direction).
Rapid & direct link between Cuautepec & Indios Verdes.
Travel time reduction more than 1 hour per commute.
Start of operation 2021

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