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TransLink Vancouver releases results of Burnaby Mountain Gondola engagement

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. – TransLink has completed the first phase of public engagement for the proposed Burnaby Mountain Gondola project. Nearly 13,000 responses were collected over the four-week engagement period. We heard strong support for the criteria TransLink intends to use to help frame the next phase of engagement. In addition, approximately 85% of responses are either supportive or very supportive of the project in general.
The Burnaby Mountain Gondola would provide service between SkyTrain and Burnaby Mountain for the 25,000 daily trips made by SFU students, staff, faculty, and residents of UniverCity. Gondola cabins would depart every minute, carrying more people up the mountain per hour than current bus services and in about half the time. The proposed project is not yet approved or funded.
Between September 1 and September 30, TransLink conducted an online survey, held a virtual open house, hosted online stakeholder meetings, met with local neighbourhood residents, solicited feedback by email and telephone, and led a telephone townhall. Participants were asked which values are most important to them when they consider the project. The top five values are:

1. Provide safety and security;
2. Deliver all-weather service (snow, wind, ice) and daily travel reliability;
3. Provide a connection from Burnaby Mountain to rapid transit to meet current and future demand;
4. Reduce GHG emissions and air pollution; and
5. Improve frequency and travel time relative to current bus service.

Planning is underway for a second round of engagement, which will focus on the evaluation of the three proposed routes based on several criteria, such as the project benefits, costs, and neighbourhood, environment, and safety considerations. TransLink will continue to engage the public, including local communities, and will consider feedback from both rounds before presenting a final recommendation for the project to the TransLink Board of Directors and Mayors’ Council for consideration in a future investment plan.

More information:
Burnaby Mountain Gondola Phase 1 Public and Stakeholder Engagement Report

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