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TechnoAlpin: Maintenance of machine rooms

It is essential for snowmaking systems to work perfectly in order for ski slopes to be covered with snow in winter. The short windows of opportunity which are available nowadays for snowmaking must be exploited to the fullest extent. Snowmaking systems consist of a multitude of hydraulic, mechanical and electronic components, making them very complex. The TechnoAlpin After-Sales Service ensures that all the components are working in perfect harmony with each other at all times as well as providing customers all over the world with a full range of support.

We have launched a series of videos in order to provide our customers with more in-depth information on the wide variety of services offered by TechnoAlpin. Members of the after-sales service team will present each individual section. 

Video: Guaranteed reliability for the heart of the system

“The pumping stations and compressor plants are at the heart of every system. If faults occur here, the entire system could come to a standstill. In order to avoid major damage to pumping stations, it is therefore important to have a regular inspection and maintenance routine in place for pumps and compressors,” said Andrea Margoni, convinced of the benefits. He is the leader of the after-sales team for Italy and coordinates service call-outs all over the country.

The reliability of the systems can be guaranteed by a defined service cycle over the four phases of the year, as Andrea Margoni went on to explain. Diagnoses and services are carried out between January and May. These diagnoses allow for updates on the current condition of machine rooms. Customers who carry out these checks and services, where applicable, are subsequently able to achieve better performance and output in the initial snow production period.

Repairs and the replacement of pumps and components where necessary follow in the period between June and August.  The start of operationsand tests are scheduled during the cold period from September to October. Finally, between November and December only emergency repairs will be necessary. By planning the maintenance in this way, it is always possible to guarantee that the necessary capacities will be available.

TechnoAlpin has been insisting on very high standards of after-sales service for years. “It is therefore particularly important for me that my entire team is always fully trained to be able to solve all problems. I think we can be very proud that we have achieved this goal and can guarantee all our customers a problem-free season,” added Andrea Margoni, clearly delighted with the results.

Watch the video about the servicing of pumping stations presented by Andrea Margoni.

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