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TechnoAlpin: TR10 and the award of the 1000th fan gun for 2020

This year again, TechnoAlpin, the world market leader of innovative snow production solutions, broke the milestone of a 1000th fan gun produced. For 2020, the choice of the model for 1000th fan gun could only be the TR10 and its impressive performances, in terms of power, snow production and snow quality.

This is the French ski resort of Combloux which received this special TR10. Located at the foothills of the Mt Blanc, Combloux offers a beautiful landscape that echoes the symphony of excellence of the TR10. This French ski area is a family-friendly resort, part of “Les Ports du Mont Blanc” ski area, connected with 2 other villages and offers 29 lifts to winter sport lovers.

For the 2020/2021, the operator of the ski area decided to increase significantly the fire power of the intermediate size existing snowmaking system, counting 35 lances, mostly Rubis. 8 TR10 mobile will be added to the installation, mostly near the base area. The mobile version has been selected because it gives the snowmaking crew the flexibility to move the snow producers if required and maximize the snow production where it is needed.

Antoine Pissard, Technical and Operation Manager of the ski resort, adds “The TR10 will help us greatly for marginal temperature snow production”, which the ski area can experience given the elevation of the base area. Safety and quality are also very important for the Operation Manager: “The ability of the TR10 to self-adjust in case of failure of one of the nozzle valves brings additional operational safety for our snowmaking crew and guaranties to keep the desired snow quality”.

Standards for the future. Unequaled performances.

Only one year after being introduced to the market, the TR10 has proven that it has a category of its own, with its high technological features and unequaled performances. No other fan-based snow producers on the snowmaking market can match the TR10. The machine combines top-quality snow with optimized resources’ usage and a great operability for users. Already over 1300 TR10 units are providing the best snow on ski slopes worldwide!

With its perfectly engineered components, down to the finest details, the TR10 offers revolutionary features to maximize snow production. The redesigned nozzle ring, with its new valve bloc system, allows to control each nozzle independently. This gives a great flexibility to choose the best flow configurations, thus maximizing the snow production of the TR10 with all temperatures, even under marginal conditions. The production performances and power of the TR10 is further boosted by the new air-cooling mechanism, located in the water filter for better cooling efficiency. The nucleators of the TR10 are also special: they are fitted with ruby inserts for increased wear resistance, contributing to the high snow quality.

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