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Sunkid: Two seasons and a Moving Carpet in Narvikfjellet!

The Norwegian ski resort offers its guests exciting experiences all year round, creating lasting memories - the Moving Carpet plays a major role in this.

Narvikfjellet is Norway's most urban ski resort, a unique destination for downhill and off-piste skiing over the sea, for Northern Lights experiences and a place to enjoy the beautiful midnight sun.

Narvikfjellet is located north of the Arctic Circle and offers a view over the town of Narvik. A bit above the ski center of Narvikfjellet is the Sneff Park (children's land) and the Sunkid Moving Carpet. The Moving Carpet is not only a means of transportation for beginners, but also for snow racers.

Skiing here is magical and very special, as the polar nights provide indescribable moments on the crystal clear white snow.

In summer the ski slopes become spectacular bike trails, and the midnight sun gives 24 hours of daylight to the visitors of the destination. Here, too, the Moving Carpet serves as an aid to ascent and provides relief for the bikers, as it saves them energy when going uphill. The midnight sun makes it possible to enjoy biking all day and all night.

Photocredits: Narvikfjellet AS, Kjetil Janson

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