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Wintersteiger: Jupiter – the new king of the ski service universe.

With the Jupiter, a new fully automated servicing system for skis and snowboards, WINTERSTEIGER has taken a major step forwards in terms of development. The Jupiter's world debut was transmitted via livestream. WINTERSTEIGER is offering an opportunity to get to know the machine on several regional roadshow dates in the Alpine region.

With the Jupiter, WINTERSTEIGER – known for tailor-made automated ski service machines – offers the perfect customized solution for every shop and for every demand to fully cover all requirements. From small, entry-level service systems to maximum capacities with a throughput of over 70 pairs of skis per hour there is a Jupiter configuration to maximize efficiency and revenue. Five different processing modules, three feeding variants, and three application levels are available for different service requirements.

When asked about the Jupiter's highlights, Daniel Steininger, Head of the Sports business field, lists three completely new machine features first. The absolute highlight is the variable edge grinding with "V-Edge technology", as well as the "Trim Cut" side wall processing unit and digital ski recognition. “Our engineering department has done an outstanding job and satisfied many customer wishes,” he added. 

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