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BOBSLA conquers new Alpine heights - this time in Kerenzerberg-Filzbach in Switzerland

Tyrolean startup BOBSLA is actively moving to the top of the list of new popular entertainment among winter fans. And that is why! The BOBSLA development engineers were able to bring to life the idea of creating an absolutely environmentally friendly winter vehicle for snow-go-carts and just for pleasant rides in the forest. Those, who have experienced the pleasure of riding BOBSLA, say that it is an amazing feeling - rushing through the snow in an easily controlled electric vehicle like on a sled without a usual rumble of a snow mobile engine and a smell of fuel.

In 2020, engineers of BOBSLA have developed a fundamentally new battery. “We are happy that new batteries brought a new potential and a new life to BOBSLA”, - Dipl.-Ing. Ignatyev told. “Races became much more interesting and long-lasting. No need to check anymore a residual capacity all the time. We brought new chargers as well – a charging time now is only 1 hour 15 minutes. But what is more important - we probably invented a really cool stuff - a testing at Kerenzerberg in Switzerland proved that after 6 km driving with 570 meter incline, less of 50% of capacity on a heavy wet snow road was spent and less than 30 % - on a hard icy road. "

This fact generated even more interest from potential customers. Tyrolean BOBSLA has become the one of the most popular winter activities in many of the world famous ski resorts in France and Switzerland. And due to a predicted tourism boom after the pandemic, BOBSLA actively began to receive pre-orders from its Austrian partners.

“Tyrolean start-up Bobsla is a unique mix of innovative and eco-friendly approaches, as well as modern technological solutions. That is, of everything that the entertainment industry in tourism demands nowadays. And a suggested by the founders business model of using Bobsla in snow parks is really cost-effective for its future owners”,- says Mag.Artur Musaelean (MBA), Start-up and Business consultant.

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