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No More Boots expands their distribution network with MONTANA.

Adjustment of ski bindings in ski rental without ski boots „We are really looking forward to a long term collaboration with Montana“, says No More Boots Sales Manager Andreas Persson. „With their long time experience and knowledge from the ski rental market, Montana fits great in our partner profile and will contribute strongly to our distribution network worldwide.“

The ski rental market trends shows that skiers are asking for an easy ski rental process.

By replacing the ski boots for setting adjustments of alpine ski bindings, SkiClicker is a smart choice to grant this requirement.

SkiClicker, with its patented technology, enables ski rental shops to provide an improved rental experience resulting in a more efficient and hygienic rental process.

It's a versatile solution carefully developed to fit any size ski rental, no matter if it's a small family -owned shop or belongs to a large chain. It also works with any rental software, so the rental owner can work with the set up that suits them best. By working with SkiClicker, skiers as well as staff will benefit from this product innovation.

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