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Sunkid: Beaming Faces in Großarltal

The Großarler Bergbahnen made another sustainable investment for the winter season of 2019/20. The Fischbacher exercise meadow was redesigned to be enjoyed by the entire family once again.

Großarltal is known for its outstanding skiing options in winter. After all, the valley is part of Ski amadé – Austria’s greatest skiing fun.

The winter adventure meadow, available to everyone free of charge, optimally supplements the great skiing joy.

Toucan pillars on the meadow help guests find their way. Upon arrival, they can choose to take the Fischbacher lift to “Ski & Fun”, or the Sunkid Moving Carpet to “Play & Ski & Fun”.

The T-bar lift – also called the Fischbacher lift – takes guests of any age up to the Großarler Bergbahnen cableway, where they can get on the Großarl-Dorfgastein skiing swing.

A number of animal-shaped foam figures along the lift route keep the ride from growing boring.

The animals are visible from the “Alm-Express” as well. The “Alm-Express” is a Sunkid Moving Carpet that carries all those up the skiing slope who want to play on the winter playground or tackle their first swings on skis.

The winter playground offers plenty of space for children to dash down the hill on their toboggans, bobs, or sliders. In addition to the comfortable Sunkid seats, a themed Großarl snowball wall is available for snowball fights between young and old.

The Großarltal decided to customise the Kinderland area as well. “Rucki Zucki”, the pert little backpack that is the Großarltal children’s mascot, is essential for the theme.

“Rucki Zucki” not only decorates the toucan pillars, but also the snowball wall, the Sunny Stuff figures, and the Rotondo that serves as a Snowtube carousel.
Children and parents clearly love the new winter adventure meadow and enjoy its diverse offer.

Fact Box Moving Carpet:
Length: 90 m
Belt width: 75 cm
Surface: Blue Eye
Drive: 22 kW
Speed: up to 0,7 m/s smoothly adjustable

Photocredits: TVB Großarl

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