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TechnoAlpin brings the future of snowmaking. Today.

TechnoAlpin presents two new snowmaking solutions with the TT10 fan gun and the TL lance series

After years of on-going innovations, once again, TechnoAlpin, the pioneer in snowmaking technologies, is going to push further the limits of snow production. As of now, two new snowmaking solutions will determine the future of ski resorts worldwide. With the fan gun TT10 an absolute novelty is introduced to the market: the world's first true tower snowmaker. The snow lances of the new TL series, on the other hand, impress with their unique design and advanced technological features.

TechnoAlpin is at the leading edge of technical innovation in the snowmaking market. Through painstaking research and development, TechnoAlpin has been routinely redefining standards in snowmaking for over 30 years. The new products, the TT10 fan gun and the TL snow lances, now once again point the way for the future of snowmaking and underline the endeavor to guarantee top snow quality while at the same time optimizing the use of resources and maximizing the usability of the snow producers.

TL lance series: New dimension for snowmaking

The TL lance series offers a new dimension for snowmaking with snow lances: maximum efficiency and precision control throughout the temperature curve. The three lances in this line all operate on the same design principle and differ in the number of their nozzle rings: the TL8 with 8 production steps, the TL4 with four and the TL2 with two steps. Thanks to the versatility of the lance series, for every location there is the right snow lance.

One of the many innovations proposed by the TL lances resides in particular in the new and compact mechanism that controls the combinations of the rings of the lance: the Smart Distributor. For instance, with the TL8 model, 8 different snow productions steps will be available, by combining the opening of the nozzles of each ring. Due to the multi-step design, it is possible to fine-tune the water flow rate of the snow gun as finely as possible, thereby maximizing the snow production under all temperature conditions. Therefore, the TL series will offer always optimal snow production, over the entire operating range.
The lances in the TL series come standard with high-quality components, such as nozzles with ceramic inserts, oil-free compressors (the model without centralized air), seamless filters and nucleators with ruby inserts. With these nucleators, the snow quality is optimal and consistent all along the slopes.

The TL lance heads are mounted on the new and light universal pipe designed by TechnoAlpin. The design with all cables routed inside avoids ice sticking and makes installation much easier. The simple and sturdy support allows the lance to be continuously adjusted horizontally and vertically.

TT10 The Best just got better

The TT10 is quite literally the TR10 fan-based snow producer taken to a whole new level. It combines the guarantee of top snow quality, optimum use of resources and maximum usability with unique technology and unprecedented simplicity. The new tilting tower is part of the machine itself and the components are built directly into it. The TT10 combines the advantages of a tower-mounted snow producer with the ease of maintenance of a mobile fan-based snow producer.

The TT10 is as impressive as the TR10 when it comes to excellence, with its outstanding nozzle valve design enabling optimum energy efficiency and resource conservation. The water-air cooler provides unsurpassed snow output, especially at borderline temperatures, and the nucleators with double ruby inserts guarantee top quality snow for years.

Maintenance of the TT10 is possible at ground level, which greatly simplifies the work on any ski slope. The electric switchboard is positioned at eye level and the water-air cooler is also conveniently accessible from the floor. A simple innovative tilting action allows the tower to be tilted to facilitate access to the nozzle valve ring and motor. The need for a ladder is therefore completely eliminated.

The TT10 can be configured to individual specifications without any restrictions. This reduces costs for unused features and ensures perfect performance in any ski area and in any conditions. Optional extras available for the TT10 include a touch display, meteo station, motorized electric swivel function, and height adjustment facility.

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