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HKD Snowmakers congratulates Rob Stott on his retirement

Rob was “employee 2” and represented HKD for the past 27 years in the Western United States. Rob played a key role in breaking down the barriers of big air snowmaking, paving the way for the sustainable and energy-efficient snowmaking practices of today.

Rob “aka, Snow Bob,” started his career at Mt. Whitney near Lake Placid, NY in the early ’70s. He then made the move to Whiteface, NY in 1976 where he learned the art of snowmaking and helped prepare the mountain for the 1980 Olympics. 

Rob’s real education began in 1980 at Hunter Mountain, NY where he learned many things, like how to make green snow for St. Patrick’s Day. That skill was immediately followed up with customer service techniques on how to calm guests that arrived in white ski gear and returned home with it green. After his tenure at Hunter, Rob went into the “dry hole” oil business in Texas, learned to fly gliders, and became VP of the Houston Soaring Society, before joining HKD in 1993.

Rob’s knowledge of our industry is extensive, his stories are legendary, and his enthusiasm is infectious. We are grateful for Rob and his commitment and contribution to HKD. But most importantly, we are grateful for his big heart, kind spirit, and genuine friendship over the many years. Thank you, Robbie!

Rob will continue to offer snowmaking headlamps through his website “” and don't be surprised if he appears at your ski area in his RV with his wife Paige and his dog Webster, and invites you in for a cup of coffee and a good story.

HKD’s Ben Siefert will expand his coverage to include CA, NV, & AZ.

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