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CWSAA June 2021 Newsletter

Message from the President

Vaccinations, protocols, and health orders continue to surround CWSAA daily activity.  Ski areas have affirmed their commitment to enter the summer operations period with proven protocols similar to winter.  This decision has been welcomed by authorities and has maintained high confidence in the ski sector’s safety protocols.  CWSAA continues to voice its support for face coverings, vaccinations, and other prevention measures, and has also reinforced with governments the need to remove capacity restrictions on facilities to allow business viability.   There is important information below in this newsletter relating to guidance on vaccinations in the workplace, and collective industry effort to encourage vaccinations which assists protecting the safety of our people and guests.   

CWSAA is happy to report that initiatives beyond the pandemic have advanced including the Safety and Risk Management, Responsible Stewardship, and Strategic Planning Projects.  Ski areas recently participated in a safety and risk management education session that will help guide e-commerce implementations on resort platforms.  The Association has commenced its next phase of the CWSAA Responsible Stewardship project first started in 2019, in which working groups will be active in July.  The Association is grateful for the high return rate of the member services annual survey.  The results will guide the Board of Directors discussions and immediately set the directives for the Association for the term ahead.   

The CWSAA Online Industry Sessions continue to be scheduled and will range in topic as broadly as member needs.  These are now regarded as a regular deliverable from CWSAA to membership and are envisioned in addition to future in-person meetings.  Dates for fall ASM and BCY division meetings are pending with a decision expected shortly on whether the meetings will be held in-person. 

As always, please feel free to contact me or the office with any industry questions. 


Highlights of this month's newsletter...

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Employee Vaccination Guidance
Full webinar replay available in newsletter.

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TIAC campaign calling on Federal Government to re-open the Canada-US Border  

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