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Axess: Elegant access for a trip between lakes and mountains

Following a landslide in October 2010, repairs to the Little Train line at La Mure are now completed after more than ten years of work. The reopening of the tourist line linking Saint-Georges-de-Commiers to La Mure, in the south of the Isère department, will take place next spring. EDEIS, operator of the tourist train, previously contacted Axess for the installation of a modern access control system.

Formerly intended to link the mining basin of La Mure to the agglomeration of Grenoble, the railway provided transport for travelers, miners and also that of goods, in particular coal. Stopped since 2010, the railway has undergone major repairs to allow its rehabilitation as a tourist line. With the work now completed, the Little Train of La Mure will resume service next spring with the aim of transporting more than 100,000 visitors per year. With its many tunnels and viaducts, considered today as works of art, the journey aboard rehabilitated wagons begins at La Mure and travels 15 km of railroad for a breathtaking journey between lakes and mountains, at the foot of the Alps with a rich and diverse panorama in the heart of unspoiled nature. All along the route, you can admire the Mont-Aiguille, the Massif du Vercors and the Trièves Mountains, among others, but also the Monteynard-Avignonet dam, thanks to the vintage cars and portable lamps offering to travel to the outdoors.

Also, the operators of the railway line have chosen to set up a modern control system from La Mure. Axess has proposed here an innovative access control solution adapted to the environmental site. The Austrian company was chosen for the elegance of its access controls, its fixing pallets and its attentive listening to the needs of the site. La Mure station is now equipped with several Axess Smart Gates, including disabled access, all of which are placed on the ground on pallets fitted with a non-slip coating. In addition, staff will be provided with Axess HANDHELD 600 to control entry and exit barcode tickets at certain stops, including access to the Mine Image Museum. The ticket office will be managed in partnership with LOGICK, which will provide a sales software solution. From the Little Train of La Mure, everything is now ready to receive many visitors who will embark on a fun and historical journey, for the pleasure of young and old.

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