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CWSAA: July Newsletter

Message from the President

Consumer demand for outdoor pursuits is evident throughout the west this summer, though visitation compared to past norms varies by jurisdiction. The tourism sector recently received welcome news of federal plans to allow international visitors in the coming months. The regulations are in part an acknowledgement of the proven success and diligence of safety protocols. It also signals that we must remain mindful of the varying comfort levels of our teams and guests this coming winter.

Wildfire activity on the landbase returns as a challenge for summer operators. The impact of smoke to sightseeing and outdoor activity from distant fires, and threats to transportation corridors have already reared themselves. The fire around Lytton, BC, and those in our recent past are stark reminders of their power, and the loss of one of our colleagues last month while fighting fire emphasizes the risk. CWSAA has worked with government to increase the opportunity for ski areas to access wildfire mitigation funding, and many areas have implemented treatments in interface areas. As a nature based sector, operators are well aware that increased preventative work must continue.

In the period ahead, CWSAA is executing the recent directions from the Board and ski area General Manager calls. The in-person fall meetings dates are confirmed >>HERE  and venue logistics will be posted shortly. The risk management e-commerce education project as presented earlier this year is in full flight with many ski areas engaged. Attendance continues to be high in the CWSAA on-line information sessions, and the next stages of the industry Responsible Stewardship initiative are in process.

In the midst of all the challenges, we also take time to reflect. Our industry was built by people with vision, perseverance, grit, and passion. Many of these traits are common within leaders. But the pioneering spirit of the early days of our industry are unique and can not be replicated. The unknown and unexplored is more familiar now. Over the past month, our industry has lost some of our greats. Each are special individuals with their own stories and formidable inner strength. Each were driven to succeed and mentored many within our current industry. Our thoughts and condolences are with their families, friends, and co-workers. Please take time to remember each of them in your thoughts as you read their stories below.

- Christopher Nicolson

CWSAA New Board Members
Welcome new board members Darcy Arnold, Katherine Seleski and Dave Morrison and thank you past members Peter Nixon, Patric Maloney and Stewart Laver >>>>

CWSAA Remembering Pioneers & Champions
Peter Alder, Mike Wiegele, John Currie and Heath Coleman. >>>>

Young Safety Mogul Award
Adrien Grabinski achievements. >>>>

Fall Meeting Dates 
Mark your calendar for in-person fall meeting dates. Venue location to be announced shortly. >>>>

CWSAA welcomes New Members
IC Thrive, Lifeskills Rescue Services Ltd, SkiData  >>>>

Places and Faces
Cypress Mountain, Sun Peaks and Sea to Sky Gondola. >>>>

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