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Doppelmayr: Floriade cable car open for visitors during Floriade Preview: see from the sky how Floriade develops

Nine months before Floriade Expo 2022 opens its doors to the public, Floriade Preview offers a sneak preview. In 2022, the international horticultural exhibition will take place in Almere. Starting tomorrow, everyone can take a look at the 60-hectare site where Floriade Expo 2022 will arise. Visitors float at a height of 35 meters above Floriade. They get a unique bird's-eye view of the site with the rectangular allotment structure and the arboretum. This is the first cable car in the Netherlands that runs partly above a highway. 

Floriade Preview will showcase Floriade’s underlying concepts in the broadest sense of the word, will bring Floriade 2022’s themes to life and will connect with Almere and the Province of Flevoland. Among other things, the Preview Centre shows the ‘making of’ Floriade and the green urban district Hortus. 

Practical Floriade Preview information 

Floriade Preview is open from Thursday – Sunday up to and including 26 September 2021. Visits include a trip across the Weerwater from Almere Stad to the Floriade site, a visit to the Preview Centre, a guided tour of Utopia island and a trip on the cable car. Tickets can be purchased from 

Utopia Eiland 
There are various initiatives on the island of Utopia regarding food supply in the city. Here is an Agroforestry plot, an age-old form of circular agriculture between trees and shrubs. There are walnut trees, hop bushes and herbs and potatoes and carrots grow in the soil. This project shows how food supply and ecosystem recovery go hand in hand. Here the hops are grown for the Almere beers, herbs are picked for tea and potatoes and carrots are harvested for the Almere food bank. A Tiny Forest and a food forest also arise on Utopia, where all kinds of edible plants and herbs grow. In 2022 and beyond you can pick vegetables, fruit, nuts and herbs in your own city here! 

Cable car’s technical specifications 10-MGD Floriade Almere 
Length: 850 metres 
Highest point: Approx. 35 metres off the ground 
Speed: 5 m/s 
Round trip duration: 4.6 minutes 
Maximum capacity (per hour and direction): 2,250 people 
Maximum capacity per cabin: 10 people 
No. of cabins: 34 

Floriade Expo 2022 
Almere will be the stage for the international horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022 from 14 April – 9 October 2022. Dutch horticulture alongside national and international partners will present innovations and solutions for sustainable, liveable cities. The 60 hectare site centres on the theme: ‘Growing Green Cities’. The exhibition site is a short trip from Amsterdam and situated immediately adjacent to the A6 [motorway] with a view of Almere’s skyline.

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