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Corona-Compliant Ski Operation with Axess

The 3-G check in the ski area

Whether next wave or new mutations, for ropeway operators the coming winter season brings one thing above all: uncertainty. Under which conditions the ski operation will take place can change up to the last second. In order to be prepared for new regulations by politics, Axess has developed a new solution for ski resorts.

3 G proof ski ticket - Compatible with the EU Digital COVID Certificate

For the guest, the new system changes little: the desired ticket is conveniently purchased in the Axess WEBSHOP or in the existing webshop of the ski resort. The ski guest either recharges an existing ticket digitally via the WTP number or receives a voucher with a QR code.

On site, the Axess PICK UP BOX 600 scans the QR code of the voucher and prints the ticket. This is followed by the ticket validation. At the Axess SMART POST 600, the ticket is scanned first and then the QR code of the 3-G verification and the turnstiles rotate.
Regardless of which certificate is used, the system recognizes the proof and automatically activates the ticket.

There is no additional effort for the ropeway operators. On the contrary, all processes are contactless and can be carried out without additional personnel.

A safe plan for winter 2021/22

Axess now offers the installation of the 3-G system for all ski resorts. For detailed information and contact options, simply visit or call/email directly:

Markus Weyrer
Tel: +43 664 8199270

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