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CWSAA: August 2021 Newsletter

Message from the President:

The Winter Ahead

Like all businesses, the ski industry is trying to anticipate the regulatory environment for the winter ahead and address the needs of their teams and guests.  The environment related to the pandemic is fluid and quickly changing.  CWSAA is closely monitoring trends and regulatory precedent as it will inform industry response in the weeks ahead.

In addition to finding workers, decisions around mandatory vaccination in the workforce is a leading discussion within ski areas as on-boarding policies and job offers are finalized.  A legal presentation was made by Ryan Anderson of Mathews, Dinsdale, and Clarke LLP to CWSAA members on June 15, 2021. 

Ryan will again be presenting at the CWSAA ASM and BCY fall division meetings with updates amidst the rapidly changing landscape.

Similarly, public health safety protocols for pandemics will shift as COVID transmission and hospitalizations change.  As a ski industry, managers are again preparing to scale and plan for operational flexibility.  At the fall meetings, workplace regulators will present on their current and near term considerations.  Forum discussions by delegates will delve into industry positioning for coming winter.

Ski has demonstrated its ability to operate safe experiences for staff and guests.  CWSAA draws upon this experience to keep policy makers updated on ski.

Each of the topics in the fall meetings have been identified and prioritized by CWSAA members.  The meeting agenda is built to maximize discussion and help operators define their planning directions.  The agendas are posted, and registration is open for members click >>>>

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