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CWSAA September 2021 Newsletter

Message from the President

Since last year, like many, I have been saddened by the pandemic’s tragedy, and motivated by those that see light at the end of the tunnel.  As an outdoor activity, ski has proven to be a safe experience, and one that provides health and wellness benefits within our communities.  Area operators embraced this responsibility and demonstrated their commitment to providing safe operation.  Like many tourism sectors, the destruction of long-haul travel has had significant impact on destination ski areas, communities, and employment.  Unfortunately these lost revenues are not replaced by local and regional travel.  However, the opportunity to introduce skiing and snowboarding to many new groups of people presents an opportunity with long-term benefits.  National programs like Grade 4/5 SnowPass or Never Ever Days delivered by the Canadian Ski Council, initiatives like Go Ski Alberta, and many local ski area programs are designed to attract new guests that may not have considered skiing or snowboarding previously. Equally significant are the many families that have decided to commit to local winter outdoor recreation, rather than to a sun destination holiday.  As an industry, we must seize these opportunities to both expedite recovery from the pandemic, and grow new skiers and snowboarders for our future. 

In recent weeks, the intense deluge of rapidly changing health orders, clarifications, and interpretations has returned.  Ski areas are all trying to plan for winter operations while the regulatory environment keeps changing around them.  In addition to planning and shifting fall meetings to a virtual format, CWSAA’s work has been consumed with advocacy in each jurisdiction.  Government health orders are most often followed by intensive dialog between CWSAA and regulators because the implementation of policy leads to many questions and necessary clarifications.

To navigate these waters, CWSAA wishes to thank ski area managers and senior leaders for their participation in what must seem like a never ending stream of industry calls and communications.  As it did last winter, the industry has worked collectively to share best practices within the CWSAA membership, and also with our eastern peers in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic.  Health authority regulations are anticipated to vary by jurisdiction and also by region in the coming months.  This means the ability to adjust and remain flexible must again be built into industry and ski area operations plans. 

The ski industry through the Canadian Ski Council has supported the initiative to promote vaccination and pandemic recovery.  Likewise, CWSAA continues to support Health Canada’s position that vaccines are critical to overcoming COVID-19 and its recommendation of vaccination for all eligible.  CWSAA and industry partners continue to closely monitor the regulatory environment and adapt with it.  Difficult decisions dominate every senior leadership table, and CWSAA is driven to providing as many resources and support as possible.

In the coming week the ASM and BCY fall meetings will provide further information on the lead topics identified by ski area operators.

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