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Sunkid: XXL Moving Carpet with solar panels for SuperDévoluy

SuperDévoluy, a ski resort located in the middle of the Dévoluy massif, has a new showpiece since the winter season 2019/20.

A newly installed Sunkid Moving Carpet with a proud length of 129 meters and a remarkable 1.2-meter belt width attracts visitors' attention, especially at night, because the new eye-catcher in southeastern France is equipped with impressive LED lighting. In addition, a 90-meter-long Moving Carpet has been installed in the neighboring resort of La Joue du Loup to facilitate the ascent on the beginner slope.

The ski resort of Dèvoluy offers an enormous range of sporting activities for its visitors, both outdoor and indoor. There is something for everyone in the 100 kilometers of ski slopes. Different levels of difficulty of the slopes offer skiing fun for beginners and advanced skiers. Between impressive hotels and a fantastic panorama, the Moving Carpet not only fulfills its purpose by transporting skiers on the beginner slope to the starting point of the slope, but is also a visual highlight.

The gallery that surrounds the Moving Carpet as a weather protection was equipped with an effective LED lighting and thus the installation attracts attention especially at night. When dusk falls, the Moving Carpet impresses with its colorful light show, but the adjacent hotel and its forecourt also light up the night. With such impressive lighting and a snowy backdrop, night skiing becomes a special experience.

In 2021, the gallery of the 129 m long Moving Carpet was covered with 118 photovoltaic panels. These panels not only provide energy, but also serve as shade.

In addition, the solar panels cover the consumption of the Moving Carpet and also provide energy to power, among other things, the technical room of a chairlift.

Responsible for this project was Sunkid France and Sunwed Energy, manufacturer of the panels.

In addition to the illuminated Moving Carpet in Dèvoluy, a second was installed in the community. On the other side of the ski area in La Joue du Loup, a 90-meter-long Moving Carpet transports visitors up the slope at the beginner's slope. Interactive figures such as ski boxing and turn-arounds provide fun and action on the way down.

Factbox: Moving Carpet 1
  • Length: 129 m
  • Belt width: 120 cm
  • Surface: Rufftop
  • Drive: 22 kW
  • Capacity: 2000 persons/hour
  • Ascent: ∅ 11,7 %
  • Speed: infinitely adjustable up to 0.7 m / s
  • Gallery: Evolus XL incl. Entry and exit roofing and double doors
  • Powersave - Stop & Go, wind measuring station, and much more
  • Lighting: RGB Power-LED - infinitely adjustable incl. touch screen
Factbox: Moving Carpet 2
  • Length: 90 m
  • Belt width: 75 cm
  • Surface: Rufftop
  • Drive: 11 kW
  • Capacity: 2000 persons/hour
  • Ascent: ∅ 8 %
  • Speed: infinitely adjustable up to 0.7 m / s
  • Gallery: Evolus M
  • Powersave - Stop & Go

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