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TechnoAlpin TL lances: "Even our snow crew was surprised by the performance!"

The TL lances series always delivers the highest possible snow output thanks to the ingenious design, optimum control and the use of top-quality components. The lances were already being used at Matterhorn Ski Paradise in the winter season 20/21. Daniel Imboden, who is responsible for the snowmaking at the Zermatt Bergbahnen mountain railway company, is more than satisfied with the results that have been achieved with the new models.

Daniel, what are the main advantages of the new TL models in your opinion, as compared to other snow lances?

Daniel Imboden: The TL4 really stands out in my eyes in borderline temperatures. The performance and output are particularly impressive. Even our snow crew was very surprised to see the amount produced by a TL4 after a shift in the limit temperature range! Another positive point I would like to emphasize is that the work is made easier by the fact that the cables are located inside the lance pipe because it is no longer necessary to be careful with the loose cables when uncovering the base of the lance. The new design also makes it easier to cover the lance with protective mats.

And what are your thoughts on the new capability of the TL lances after having used the various settings with the Smart Distributor?

Imboden: The settings enable perfect performance at every possible snowmaking temperature. Even if additional snow coverage is needed while the ski slopes are in use, the required snow quality can be selected with the Smart Distributor and the production process can be monitored without any worries. It is ideal. It is now also possible to do away with the discharge heaters, which has a noticeable effect on energy costs.

So what conclusions can you draw so far from using the lances and TechnoAlpin technology?

Imboden: We currently have 11 TL4 lances and four TL8 lances in use. These models are reliable and powerful snow producers in any situation. I chose TechnoAlpin because I was impressed by the pit, lance and electrical solutions, but I made my final decision after the series of tests that we did with the TL4. This was a key factor in my decision. The lances could be easily integrated into our control system, and the price-performance ratio was also right.

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