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TechnoAlpin: Nordic success for the TT10!

The ski center of Gautefall, is located South of Norway, in the Telemark region. This family-owned ski center offers 16 slopes for Alpine skiing, as wells as 100 km of cross-country ski trails and also a biathlon facility. Gautefall, a long-time TechnoAlpin customer, has often been a pioneer in finding new ways to secure the snow conditions and offer the best to the resort’s guests, as this is the largest ski center in the Telemark area. Until recently, Gautefall was operating 60 snow producers, all lance type.

For the 2020/21 season, Gautefall decided to expand the snowmaking system, increasing the pumping capacity of the machine room, in order to have more fire power and to expand the fleet of snow producers with TR8 for the cross-country slopes, but also one TT10!

Bjørn Halvor Roalstad, the CEO of the company, gives us feedback after using the new fan snow producer from TechnoAlpin over the past season: “We have been fortunate to work with the TT10 last season. This new snow producer, the first with fan technology we have on our alpine slopes, really fits perfectly into our snowmaking system and on our slopes”. Indeed, with its slenderer and well-integrated design, including the fully covered tower, the TT10 is also visually appealing.
Located near the base area, at the elevation 500 m, the TT10 also offered very high performance in terms of production. “We have seen a completely different world with the TT10 when making snow at marginal temperature”, says Bjørn Roalstad, underlining the efficiency of the new fan gun when the temperature conditions are difficult.

The snowmaking crew of the ski center also noticed how important and useful were the other features of the TT10. “Much like a tower gun or a lance, there’s almost not physical handling required to run the TT10, an ease of use that is greatly appreciated by our team”, says Linn Katrin Roalstad, head of snowmaking. She adds that the elevation adjustment and the automatic oscillation, associated to the specific model chosen, have been very useful. These features allow to spray the snow evenly on large surface area.

So, what will be next in Gautefall? Well, according to the CEO of Gautefall: “After the season, we plan to change some of the existing lances and switch to the TT10 technology, with more units next year”. TechnoAlpin is proud to be alongside Gautefall, in its quest to secure further the snowmaking operations and successful business for the seasons to come.

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