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Vail Resorts: 21 New Lifts across 14 Resorts for the 2022-23 Season

Vail Resorts: 21 New Lifts across 14 Resorts for the 2022-23 Season

Big things are coming when you hit the slopes next year! 12 new high-speed chairlifts, a new high-speed gondola and eight new fixed-grip chairlifts, plus expanded access into incredible terrain and an upgraded restaurant – all designed to help you make the most out of every minute on the mountain. With projects planned at 14 resorts coast to coast, this is Vail Resorts’ biggest single-year investment into the ski and snowboard experience. The projects within Epic Lift Upgrade will reduce lift line wait times, giving you more time to learn new skills, explore new terrain, and discover new peaks. In addition to the lift upgrades for the 2022-23 season, there are several exciting lift upgrades and a terrain expansion being launched for the 2021-22 season.

A new high-speed 10-person gondola, replacing the existing 6-person gondola, will significantly improve wait times and increase out-of-base uphill capacity by 35% in the Creekside area, especially on high-volume days.

The replacement of the existing high-speed 4-person lift with a high-speed 6-person chair will increase uphill capacity by nearly 30% and improve the ability for skiers and riders to move around mid-mountain out of the Creekside area. 

KEYSTONE: Bergman Bowl
Enhancements to Bergman Bowl will add 16 new trails, a ski patrol facility, and snowmaking infrastructure, and include a new high-speed 6-person chairlift, expanding access to 555 acres of incredible terrain. This project unlocks access for novice and intermediate guests and provides expanded entry to expert terrain in Independence and Erickson Bowls.

VAIL: Sun Down Lift
The installation of a new high-speed 4-person chair in the Sun Down Bowl from the base of Chair 5 (High Noon Express) to the Wildwood restaurant will materially reduce wait times on peak days at Chair 5 and create the opportunity for skiers and riders to much more conveniently access the trails in Sun Down Bowl.

VAIL: Game Creek Bowl
The replacement of the current 4-person chair with a new high-speed 6-person lift will increase capacity by nearly 50% and improve reliability in this popular bowl.

The beginner/ski school experience will be enhanced at the highly utilized Peak 8 base area by replacing the current fixed-grip double with a high-speed 4-person chair, increasing uphill capacity by nearly 70% and making it easier for guests to move out of the base area.

PARK CITY: Silverlode 8-Person Lift
Vail Resorts’ first-ever high-speed 8-person chair will replace an existing 6-person chair, increasing uphill capacity by 20% and reducing wait times at a critical spot to circulate guests on mountain.

PARK CITY: Eagle Lift
A high-speed 6-person chair with a new alignment and mid-station will replace the existing Eagle lift, significantly reducing crowding and wait times, and improving the guest experience, especially for beginner skiers and ski and ride school guests.

NORTHSTAR: Comstock Lift
A new high-speed 6-person chair will replace the existing mid-mountain 4-person chair and is designed to reduce wait times at one of the mountain’s most popular lifts. This upgrade will increase uphill capacity by nearly 50%.

HEAVENLY: North Bowl Lift
The replacement of an existing fixed-grip triple with a high-speed 4-person chair will increase uphill capacity by more than 40% and reduce the combined ride time of the Boulder and North Bowl lifts. This is expected to also reduce wait times at the Stagecoach and Olympic lifts.

STOWE: Mountain Lift
The replacement and extension of the existing fixed-grip triple to a high-speed 6-person lift will increase uphill capacity by 100%, eliminate the steep hike to the base of the lift, improve reliability on windy days, and offer beginner and intermediate guests with better access to lower-level terrain choices.

MOUNT SNOW: Sundance/Tumbleweed Lift
The replacement of two fixed-grip triples with one high-speed 6-person lift will improve access to underutilized terrain and alleviate pressure from other lifts in the main base area, increasing uphill capacity by nearly 70%.

MOUNT SNOW: Sunbrook Lift
A new high-speed 4-person chair to replace the existing fixed-grip quad will decrease the current 14-minute ride time by approximately 30% and result in better utilization of the Sunbrook terrain.

ATTITASH: East & West Double-Double
The replacement of the East and West Double-Double chairs with one fixed-grip 4-person chair will improve reliability and enhance the overall guest experience at Attitash.

The replacement and consolidation of multiple lifts at both resorts will improve reliability and enhance the overall guest experience. Jack Frost will receive three new fixed-grip 4-person chairs (one to replace the B & C lifts, another to replace the E & F lifts, and the third to replace the East 1&2 doubles) and Big Boulder will receive two fixed-grip 4-person chairs to replace the Merry Widow 1 & 1 doubles and the Edelweiss Triple. 

At Boston Mills, the resort will get a new fixed-grip 4-person chair replacing the Lift 5 double. At Brandywine, a new fixed-grip 4-person chair will replace the Lift 3 triple. Both projects will enhance reliability and the overall guest experience.

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