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Sky Tavern Ski Area: $1,000,000 Grant For Snowmaking

The E.L. Wiegand Foundation has awarded Sky Tavern a $1,000,000 challenge grant for snowmaking.

Now it is up to the community to match it to make this happen for kids!

Your donations installed two new carpet lifts for last winter, which was a part of being selected as the ski area doing the most to grow the sport nationwide. Now Sky Tavern is pleased to announce the E.L. Wiegand Foundation has awarded Sky Tavern a $1 million challange grant. Sky Tavern's task is to raise the remaining $1.4 million to install snowmaking. Click below to donate so Sky Tavern keeps kids on snow.

No Disappointments Cancelling days, and starting the programs as late as March 1st have happen more frequently. Snowmaking is a tool that can give a reliable opening and coverage. Now that the independent nonprofit has a 50-year lease and 100% responsibility for the area, it is time to move forward. As a 501c3 nonprofit Sky Tavern receives no funds from any public entity including the City of Reno. Kids need your help. Please contribute to matching this generous grant by donating any amount today. The engineers are working on a final design but HKD Snowmakers published findings that say the process will work. Snowmaking will change skiing and riding at Sky Tavern for the better.

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