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TechnoAlpin TT10: Perfect match for Vrchlabí Kněžický vrch!

In the Giant Mountains region (CZ), the ski centre Vrchlabí Kněžický vrch is one of the two ski facilities of the historical city of Vrchlabí (Czech Republic). This is a family-oriented ski area offering intermediate skiing to winter sport lovers. With a top elevation of 710m and a base elevation of 550m, the weather conditions are sometime adverse and snowmaking is important to guarantee the best snow conditions possible to the resort’s guests.

This is particularly true on the lower sections of the slopes which are very wide and require a great amount of snow. This is why the ski area needs a significant fire power for it snow production. Last season, Vrchlabí Kněžický had the opportunity to use the TT10 new fan snow producer!
Jan Imlauf, owner of Vrchlabí Kněžický, gives his feedback, after using the highly innovative TT10. “To make snow on the lower part of the slopes, we need really powerful snowmaking machines. The slopes are over 100m wide and we must make a lot of snow and distribute it as evenly as possible. The TT10 was a perfect match for this purpose”, says Jan Imlauf. Indeed, with its oscillation feature, the TT10 makes it possible to distribute the snow across large surface area, greatly simplifying the grooming work and cost associated to the trail preparation.

Not only the TT10 gave satisfaction in terms of snow quality and volume but was able also to remarkably withstand the windy conditions that the ski area experiences sometimes. The resort owner adds, “we have used many snowmaking machines, from different suppliers, and so far, the TT10 is the best snow producer we have ever tested on our slopes. It was very simple to use and control from our ATASSplus.”
The ease of installation, the compactness of the machine and its capacity to integrate in the landscape are other advantages of the TT10. “The TT10 is a slenderer, elegant snow producer that fits nicely on the slopes”, confirms J. Imlauf. The resort owner also anticipates that the maintenance will be easy, with the lowering feature of the tower. Jan Imlauf concludes “It’s clear that in the future, we would like to continue with this new technology”! So, it is very likely to see more of the TT10s on the slopes of Vrchlabí Kněžický, alongside the 5 TF10 already installed there!

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