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Sunkid: Snow Fun Park - Fun for all age groups

A Snow Fun Park guarantees action and fun in snow. Sunkid offers its customers a customised range for their individual and memorable Snow Fun Park. 

Winter affords many options for fun and adventure even away from skiing – why do without them? Sunkid offers products that can be used for sliding, riding, and sledding on toboggan runs or tubing tracks. The products offer the greatest fun when used in sequence in a secured area.

One such area is a Snow Fun Park that can be a proper world of experience for all age groups, offering places to play, such as our hexagons, tobogganing slopes, and bobsledding, tubing tracks, or our Rotondo for children and their accompanying adults.

Titlis Bergbahnen in Switzerland, convinced of the advantages of the Snow Fun Park concept, offer two different parks to their guests with a variety of Sunkid sliding equipment. Their special feature is that the fun does not stop when winter ends, but continues right into summer, thanks to the “Gletscherpark” set up with the “Balancer” and “Zipfelbob” products and a dedicated slope to dash down on with them. The Titlis Gletscherpark also has a tubing track to add an adrenalin kick for many adults as well.

The starts of the two tracks can be reached very easily, even while carrying the sledding device of choice. The climb is facilitated by the Sunkid Moving Carpet.

The second Snow Fun Park is called the “Rutschpark Trübsee” and located right next to the TITLIS Xpress Engelberg-Trübsee cableway mountain station. Once again, various sliding products and a tubing track by Sunkid can be found there. The climb also happens by Moving Carpet, at a length of 96 m and differing from the other one by its special wood roofing that harmoniously merges with the landscape while protecting the passengers from wind and cold. It also helps the operators start up the equipment quickly with minimal maintenance effort even in bad weather. There’s nothing in the way of some sliding fun.

Of course, Snow Fun Parks can be implemented outside of skiing areas and mountain railways as well. The only prerequisites for planning to start right away are a certain gradient and runout area. The broad Sunny Stuff product range and the popular Moving Carpet that can be used for the return transport allows Sunkid to act as a reliable all-in-one provider.

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