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Boise National Forest approves next steps for Tamarack Resort's expansion

The Boise National Forest has reviewed and accepted Tamarack Resort’s special use application for its proposal to expand their footprint on 2,099 acres of National Forest System lands. Tamarack’s proposal was reviewed using the Special Uses Screening Criteria (36 CFR 251.54) which is the first set of requirements that a proposal must meet before being further analyzed.

“With the increase in outdoor recreation in the intermountain region, we recognize the need to expand the recreation opportunities to meet public needs, said Tawnya Brummett Boise National Forest Supervisor. “Tamarack Resort has shown they have the resources to move forward in the special use process and as a result, the proposal will enter into the beginning of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.”

The NEPA process includes extensive public involvement, including formal comment periods. “I’d like to emphasize that the acceptance of the proposal does not mean that the expansion will be permitted, instead it is just the first step in beginning the environmental analysis and public involvement that is required for this type of project,” said Brummett.

Tamarack Resort currently operates exclusively on Idaho State Endowment and private lands. The proposed project would expand to 2,099 acres of NFS lands, primarily to the south of the existing resort, significantly increasing year-round recreation opportunities. The proposal includes the installation of several new ski lifts and a variety of expanded summer recreation activities.

Due to the magnitude and complexity of the proposal, including a possible amendment of the Forest Plan, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be required. Next steps include developing a timeline and schedule for the NEPA process and decision.

Once the project is formally launched, the Forest will send out a detailed announcement and it will be available for public review and comment at:

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