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TechnoAlpin Snowmanagement - a new level of intelligence for sustainable snowmaking

Fully automated snowmaking systems have been state-of-the-art for many years. However, the latest technology is often not used to its full potential. TechnoAlpin's ATASSpro software offers a new level of intelligence for the sustainable use of resources. It allows significant savings to be made in terms of water and electricity costs. What's more, the slopes can open that much faster.

Based on experience in recent years, the ATASSpro SnowManager facility ensures accurate planning of the amount of snow required per snow area and slope, so that, ultimately, neither too much nor too little snow is produced. Continuous comparison between target and actual amounts as well as other important factors ensure optimal planning in terms of snowmaking and the work of the snowmaking team, thus saving valuable snowmaking time. Each slope is constantly monitored and the system always operates at optimum efficiency. Thanks to SNOWMASTER, the management team also has access to the most relevant snowmaking data in the ski area and can constantly monitor the situation.

ATASSpro also provides invaluable support for greater efficacy when delivering the snow and preparing the slopes. The data generated by the snow depth measurement systems are transferred to the software and can thus be analyzed by the snow team. The existing snow depth in cm is automatically converted by the software into m of snow to be produced. This also ensures that exactly the right amount of snow is produced.

The ATASSpro weather module provides a reliable weather forecast for various locations in the ski area, thus providing beneficial support particularly during the post-snow phase. Thanks to the 14-day forecast, cold spells can be identified early on in order to identify optimal snowmaking conditions. This allows the system to be operated far more efficiently. Even temperatures as low as -2C can generate savings of over 20%.

Coupled with the latest generation of snow guns, modern SnowManagement allows significant savings to be made - easy on the wallet and, first and foremost, on the environment.

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