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Prairie Sky Gondola Bringing Unique Gondola opportunity to Red Deer

Red Deer set to embrace a one-of-a-kind community tourism attraction in central Alberta

Prairie Sky Gondola announced it’s intention to build an urban ropeway in Red Deer.

“Some cities don’t know how to react to unique ideas. Red Deer clearly is not one of those cities.” remarked Prairie Sky Gondola President Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson. “Red Deer is arguably one of the best communities in Alberta to invest in today. We are excited to have gotten to this moment, but we are also inspired by the work that’s ahead of us. Talking about ideas is one thing. Doing them is another. And the doing part is our business.”
Prairie Sky Gondola brought forward an unsolicited proposal to The City of Red Deer eight months ago and has been working with The City to assess and plan for the project. A Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU, will be signed this Spring, initiating the process to collaboratively undertake additional technical and commercial due diligence.
This ropeway, with an investment valued at over $25M, will be located in an inventive community development called Capstone. Connecting the river to Red Deer, Capstone’s ambition is to create something different— something vibrant, energetic, and inquisitive for socially engaged and physically active Albertans wanting to live within hours of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta’s two largest cities.
“The City’s vision, investment, and work on Capstone served as a critical catalyst for Prairie Sky Gondola’s decision to move forward as they reviewed this site,” announced Tara Lodewyk, Interim City Manager. “This, matched with the City’s openness and willingness to welcome experienced, private investment, have culminated to provide this unique proposed opportunity in Red Deer.”
The proposed ropeway is a 350 meter, two station pulse gondola over the Red Deer River connecting Capstone to Bower Ponds recreation area. Flying over the Red Deer River, residents and visitors alike will get stunning views all day long, easily accessing all that downtown Red Deer and Bower Ponds has to offer. The Capstone Station will include dining and other experiential elements. The stations will enhance access to communities while seamlessly integrating within the landscapes of both sides of the river.
“The concept is to make the two stations as opposite as possible. What we have proposed is not necessarily intuitive,” commented Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson. “Capstone Station is sweeping and bold. Bower Ponds Station wants to be invisible. The development concept fires up the City’s vision while complementing the values of the community."
And Mayor Ken Johnston agrees, “This project will highlight the natural beauty in our community while creating an attraction and destination in the heart of Capstone. The gondola will be an added tourism destination, the success of which will extend to local businesses and inspire further development.”
About Prairie Sky Gondola
Prairie Sky Gondola Inc. is an urban ropeway developer based in Edmonton, Alberta. Prairie Sky is actively pursuing opportunities to advance the use of modern ropeway technology to create value for growing communities in Canada. For more information on the Red Deer ropeway, visit

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