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Sun Valley and Snowbasin Resorts Go Live with Aspenware Commerce

Aspenware is pleased to announce that Sun Valley and Snowbasin resorts have gone live with Aspenware Commerce. Sun Valley, located in Sun Valley, ID, has been named “Best Ski Resort” by Ski Magazine for the past 2 years in a row. Snowbasin, in Huntsville, UT, is one of the oldest continually operating ski resorts in North America and was home to the 2022 Salt Lake Winter Games.

Both resorts are co-owned by Grand America Hotels & Resorts which specializes in bringing luxury to formally untamed frontiers.

Grand America was looking to elevate the two resort brands with a 21st century ecommerce platform while offering their guests an exceptional online experience that is easy to use and gets them on the mountain quickly. Aspenware Commerce provided the solution to fit these needs while also seamlessly integrating with their point-of-sale system.

“Sun Valley and Snowbasin Resorts are thrilled to introduce a new Aspenware online storefront, signaling a focused emphasis on guest experience,” said Marc Glauser, Senior Director of Marketing, Grand America Hotels & Resorts. “The Aspenware team has been incredibly supportive through the process, and our view is that the new storefront will be a benefit for guests and employees alike. It also shows a progressive movement to ecommerce integration by both resort brands.”

This new Aspenware ecommerce platform will support current and 22-23 season pass sales at both Sun Valley and Snowbasin ski resorts. Sun Valley will also use Aspenware Commerce to provide their golf passes. The resorts also plan to implement Aspenware Payment Plans, Aspenware Arrival with Pass Checker, Vouchers, and Resort Charge soon. More capabilities will be rolled out as the 22-23 season approaches.

“We are excited to add these Grand America resorts to our growing list of resort customers that are upping the ante for exceptional ecommerce guest experiences,” said Rob Clark, CEO of Aspenware. “Sun Valley and Snowbasin Resorts represent best-in-class mountain experiences, and we are looking forward to being part of that continued tradition.”

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