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TechnoAlpin: Customized planning - the key to success

Snowmaking systems are highly complex technical systems which consist of a large number of components. A perfectly coordinated design is the foundation for energy-efficient snowmaking operations. TechnoAlpin's Planning Department therefore plays a particularly important role in every new project. From concept planning through detailed planning to the final quotation, all of the important technical information comes together in this department. 
With every new project, the specific requirements are identified with the relevant ski resort in order to tailor the design accordingly and provide a system of the correct dimension. The technical, hydraulic and electrical components of the entire snowmaking system are specified and individually selected through close collaboration between the various departments involved (Sales, Contract Management, Research and Development). The ideal snow gun in each case is selected from the wide product range, in order to take territorial conditions into account. The aim is always to make optimum use of the snowmaking window and therefore to conserve resources.

A master plan of the entire snowmaking system is drawn up on the basis of the information by the technical drawing team. Field installations, machine rooms and snowmaking components are precisely listed and coordinated using these master plans with future expansion plans already in the pipeline. A total of 19 employees currently work in the TechnoAlpin Planning Department. Every year thousands of quotations are prepared and around 2,500 drawings (master plans, flow diagrams, process graphics and installation plans) are generated.

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