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Sunkid: The new Kreuzeck feeder in Garmisch-Classic – an underground ski tunnel with integrated Moving Carpet!

The Kreuzeck feeder was built anew for the winter season of 2021/22, replacing the old rope lift. The new, safe concept with a conveyor belt in a tunnel is special not only because it runs through the ground underneath the ski slope, but also because it is the first facility in Bavaria that permits indirect supervision of a person conveyor belt.

Guests of the Garmisch-Classic ski area can look forward to even greater comfort thanks to the modernisation of the Kreuzeck feeder: The old rope lift with a low rope route that used to return skiers from the ski area section of the Osterfelderkopf to the Kreuzeckbahn mountain station has been replaced by a state-of-the-art conveyor belt running in a ski tunnel. Guests can comfortably cover the last height metres towards Kreuzeck on the conveyor belt now.

The new conveyor belt solution was installed in a tunnel that crosses underneath the ski slope. This solution offers a number of advantages for guests and operators alike: guests get back uphill faster and more comfortably, while the operators achieve a higher person transport capacity at lower maintenance effort since the old lift route no longer needs to be groomed. The tunnel also separates the skiers coming down from those being taken uphill, increasing safety for both sides.

The newly erected exemplary facility is special not only because it runs through the ground underneath the ski slope, but also because it is the first facility that permits indirect supervision of a person conveyor belt in Bavaria. The provisions of the state of Bavaria had not permitted such indirect supervision before.

A concept that enabled the Landratsamt Garmisch-Partenkirchen to approve indirect supervision was developed in a cooperation with Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG and TÜV Süd in a comprehensive type test.

“The project started long before the actual contract was signed, by targeted exchange on the interests of all stakeholders (Bayerische Zugspitzbahn, supervisory authority, TÜV). Sunkid’s great expertise enabled it to submit a detailed concept that covered not only the high safety demands but also all other elements of interest.” (Manuel Kammerer, technical project manager)

The result of three months in operation, with about 115,000 runs without any incidents, is very positive. The skiers love the new, comfortable return solution.

We had an outstanding cooperation with all parties, and in particular with Sunkid. All requirements for type testing could be determined very quickly. We would like to thank Mr Kammerer from Sunkid for this. The conveyor belt has increased comfort for our guests while the tunnel considerably contributes to reducing the impacts of a bottleneck. (Karl Dirnhofer, Technischer Leiter Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG)

FACT BOX: Moving Carpet

Application: Return facility
Length: 94,5 metres
Belt width: 900 mm
Surface: Blue Eye
Drive: 18.5 kW
Max. speed: 0.7 m/sec
Average slope: 13.2%
Theoretical capacity: 1800 pph
Gallery: Yes, concrete gallery
Acceptance based on standard: EN15700

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