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Doppelmayr/Garaventa presented innovations in digitalization, cabins and bike transport at Mountain Planet

Doppelmayr/Garaventa showcased an exciting mix of exhibits and interactive digital experiences at the Mountain Planet exhibition in Grenoble. A virtual tour using a VR headset gave visitors exceptional insights into the cutting-edge tricable gondola up to the Kitzsteinhorn. A wide range of exhibits such as cabins and chairs with their diverse fitting options could be tried out on the stand. The global market leader in ropeway construction presented their latest innovations in the area of digitalization, which include the resort management software clair. 

At Mountain Planet, one of the leading trade fairs for sustainable planning and development in mountain regions, Doppelmayr/Garaventa placed innovations in digitalization, carriers and bike transport center stage. Highlights on the stand included the latest carrier generations – the 3S cabin ATRIA and the OMEGA V cabin for continuous-movement monocable ropeways as well as the D-Line chair models. Connecting the various components, such as the ropeway control system and the cabins, for enhanced passenger comfort and efficient ropeway operations is also becoming a major focus.

The new developments from the world of digitalization are reflected in topics like AURO, the autonomous ropeway, the new resort management software clair, and the RPD Nexo system for rope position monitoring. All of these systems use software, sensor technology and connectivity for safe and efficient daily operations. An interactive virtual ropeway experience was also be available on the Doppelmayr/Garaventa stand. With a VR headset, visitors got a sense of what it’s like to travel on the tricable gondola 3K K-onnection up to the Kitzsteinhorn along with unique insights into the ropeway technology.

Solutions for bike transport on ropeways

Another area that is gaining ground, in addition to the growth of digitalization, is the all-year use of ropeway installations. Many resorts that were originally purely focused on winter sports are now increasingly relying on summer operations in order to attract guests all year round. Ropeways play a key role as a means of transport for mountain experiences in the summer months – such as providing a fast and simple uphill trip for mountain bikers and their bikes. Doppelmayr/Garaventa presented their range of available options at Mountain Planet.

France as an important market for the Doppelmayr Group

Trends such as digitalization, year-round use and also urbanization can be seen worldwide – and also in the French market, which is of major importance for the Doppelmayr Group. This is reflected in the latest projects. Since the last winter season, two new gondola lifts from Doppelmayr facilitate access to the world’s biggest ski region, Les 3 Vallées. Traveling at a record speed for a continuous-movement monocable gondola of 7 m/s, skiers climb from the village of Orelle at 900 meters up to the Cime Caron, the highest point in the ski region at 3,200 meters; the over seven-kilometer route is covered in just 20 minutes.

Urban mobility with ropeways in Paris

From 2025, an urban ropeway is set to expand the mobility offer in the Paris metropolitan area. 20,000 inhabitants and 6,000 workplaces are located within the direct catchment area of the planned ropeway connection. The new transport solution will shorten traveling time, enable direct trips and close existing gaps between Métro, streetcar and bus.

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