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TechnoAlpine: Mountain Planet - a resounding success

The Mountain Planet exhibition was held from April 26 to 28 in Grenoble. This was the first trade fair for alpine technologies in three years, capturing the attention of a broad audience. It was met with eager anticipation and expectation from exhibitors and visitors alike. The many beaming faces on the TechnoAlpin booth said it all! This year's trade fair proved to be yet another resounding success story. Numerous visitors from all over Europe took advantage of this initial opportunity to engage in lively discussion.

TechnoAlpin proudly presented the latest additions to its product range! The new TL4 Double Head Lance, which has two TL4 heads mounted on a single lance pipe, caused quite a sensation.

The new mobile TR9 fan gun - a newcomer to TechnoAlpin's spring 2022 TR range - was also on display. It guarantees optimum efficiency, providing the right snow gun in the right place at the right time.

Visitors were also impressed by the new ATASSpro software offering smarter snowmaking than ever before thanks to new levels of intelligence and a novel user interface.

Visitors could find out about the new revamped models at the SnowFactory Corner. TechnoAlpin has perfected the SnowFactory over many years of research and development.

The TT10 wowed visitors in the outdoor arena. The first real tower gun, where turbine and tiltable tower form a single unit, was on display for the first time. Most visitors had only seen it in photographs and videos until now. The live demonstration of the tilting process generated considerable enthusiasm amongst onlookers.

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