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LEITNER presented its latest technological innovations at the Mountain Planet trade show in Grenoble

At the French trade show from April 26th to 28th, LEITNER shared its booth with PRINOTH and DEMACLENKO and presenting its latest innovations in the field of ropeways.

2021 was once again an important year for LEITNER. The basis for this worldwide success is the company's know-how, which has been built up over the years and is continuously developed through research at the highest level. At the Grenoble stand, visitors were once again able to admire the South Tyrolean company's best new technologies.

Diamond EVO: The LEITNER Premium Cab

Starting with the new Diamond EVO cabin: the LEITNER Premium cabin, after being upgraded with new configuration options, now has more touch of customization. LEITNER's development work and the individual requirements of the customers proved decisive in this upgrading process. Thanks to the modular construction and high-quality processing in the famous Pininfarina look, the cabin offers plenty of free space, maximum comfort and the premium design never fails to impress.

Maximum flexibility for all bike adventurers

Another novelty "showcased" at the LEITNER booth in Grenoble is the new solution for transporting bikes on the chairlift, which is distinguished by its ease of assembly and use. The bike rack is available for chairlifts without weather protection bubbles and is quick and easy to assemble. As it is attached to the chair frame, the vehicle is perfectly balanced and does not sway sideways.

Loading the bikes onto the chair is quick and easy and can therefore be done independently by each passenger. The same applies to unloading after arrival at the mountain station.

During the chairlift ride, the chair remains protected from dirt as there is no point of contact between the seat and the bike. With this chairlift solution, bikes of all types and sizes can be transported: from the 8-person chair with a maximum of 4 bike racks, to the 6-person chair with a maximum of 3 racks, and finally the 4-person chair with a maximum of 2 racks.

For chairs with a weather protection bubbles, a separate transport vehicle is used. Thanks to the Stop&Go technology at the mountain station, unloading the bike is easy and convenient for the guest.


On the technology front in Grenoble, LEITNER presented the new LPA EVO grip, developed from the basic LPA model, which can now be used in monocable systems for rope diameters of 64 mm, with the resulting advantages of both increased transport capacity and the length of the installation being able to cope with even greater differences in height.

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