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PRINOTH at Mountain Planet 2022: Machines and digital solutions for sustainably groomed, perfect slopes and an improved work life

The pioneering spirit of company founder Ernst Prinoth is still part of the company's philosophy today: PRINOTH stands for the pursuit of quality and innovation—and a passion for winter sports. At Mountain Planet 2022, PRINOTH presented machines and digital solutions for environmentally friendly, efficiently groomed, perfect slopes—that can also help improve work life for people operating our vehicles and employed in ski resorts.

A cleaner, more powerful fleet

Thanks to their Stage V engines, the new LEITWOLF and the new BISON impress with their performance, low fuel consumption and minimal exhaust emissions. Only the HUSKY eMOTION leaves behind fewer emissions—none at all. This year, it will go into series production as the world's first electric snow groomer. 

The HUSKY eMOTION proves that unbridled power can be found in environmentally friendly drives: The electric motor delivers 245 hp and an instant torque of 1,000 Nm. Thanks to a runtime of up to three hours, most cross-country trails and small slopes are groomed before the battery needs to be recharged.

Operation of the three vehicles is more comfortable than ever. The new cab offers more legroom, and the PRINOTH CONTROL UNIT, with its improved joystick and 12-inch touchscreen, provides an unparalleled driving experience. The further development of the joystick promotes intuitive use and operator friendliness.

Working efficiently and saving resources

PRINOTH supplies the ideal vehicles for a sustainable fleet—and more. With PRINOTH Connect, the company is presenting a collection of digital solutions at Mountain Planet 2022. These connect people, machines and data to optimize operations throughout the ski area, simplify complex day-to-day work and save resources—time and money, as well as water and electricity. Features such as Snow Measurement, Fleet Management, Task Manager and Maintenance Overview are connected to the Skadii platform. Data can be retrieved in real time, evaluated and visualized on different end devices such as desktop computers or smart phones.

Snow Measurement is the most precise snow measuring system on the market and enables improved snow management from production to distribution and grooming. This can help extend the ski season while saving costs.

With Fleet Management, the entire vehicle fleet of a ski resort can be managed quickly, easily and comprehensively. All the essential vehicle data is recorded. Clear reporting provides parameters and key figures which then showcases optimization opportunities.

The Task Manager facilitates the management of tasks throughout the ski area, no more jobs get lost between notes, lists, messages and calls. With Maintenance Overview, all repairs and maintenance work are always in view, which makes planning easier. No more maintenance steps are missed, no more spare parts ordered too late. 

At Mountain Planet 2022, PRINOTH prestened state-of-the-art machines and digital services that enable ski resorts worldwide to save costs, work more efficiently, and save resources—for a sustainable future of winter sports.

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