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TechnoAlpin: No less than three brand new products for 2022!

TechnoAlpin's development work has always focused on guaranteeing top quality snow whilst ensuring optimum use of resources, maximum user-friendliness and operational safety. TechnoAlpin is once again taking its innovative strengths to new heights in 2022 with the launch of no less than three new products, namely the TR9 fan gun, the TT9 tower gun and the double head lance, TL 4 Double. This perfectly complements the TR, TT and TL product series launched in recent years.
The new TR9 fan gun brings a new dimension to the TR family in the form of a second turbine size. The generous dimensions of the compressed air cooler improves nuclide formation, thus increasing snow performance even at borderline temperatures. Additionally, every drop of water is turned into snow thanks to individually controllable valves - nozzle valve technology that saves on resources. In addition to the nucleators, all nozzles on the new TR9 now also have ruby inserts as standard for the first time. These ensure maximum wear resistance. Last but not least, the automatic height adjustment and rotation of the fan gun also facilitate the work of the snow team.
The tower gun with the second sized turbine - the TT9, complements the TT10 launched in 2021. The TT9 benefits from reduced noise emissions, optimal compressed air cooling and a state-of-the-art turbine. Moreover, the fan gun components can be accessed easily simply by tilting the tower unit, thus facilitating safe inspection and maintenance from the ground. At the same time, pre-assembled delivery considerably reduces the time and effort spent on installation.
In addition to the fan gun product lines, the TL lance series has also been expanded. With the double head lance, the TL4 Double, a single lance tube can be fitted with two TL4 heads and a smart distributor. Snow production can be optimized and doubled thanks to the two TL heads while keeping equipment costs under control. With its dual performance, the TL4 Double is an ideal lance especially in sections of slope requiring high quantities of snow.

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