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Aspenware Welcomes Panorama Mountain Resort as their Newest Aspenware Commerce Customer

Aspenware is excited to announce that Panorama Mountain Resort is now selling its mountain products online with Aspenware Commerce. The newest member of our Canadian family, Panorama sits deep in the mountains of British Columbia and offers exciting mountain experiences.

Panorama was looking for an ecommerce partner that improved both the online guest experience as well as the experience for their staff. Their desire was to have their ecommerce platform deeply integrated with their point of sale system (RTP|One) so that their guest services teams on the frontline and on the phones would operate in just the one system (RTP|One) and both online and in-person bookings could be managed in the same place.

Aspenware Commerce delivered just that. Aspenware Commerce provides the most sophisticated integration available with the RTP|One POS. This integration facilitates seamless fulfillment of bookings, customer management, and inventory management so that the guest service teams in the resort only have to work in RTP|One.

“At Panorama, we talk about speed and ease for our guest every day. A big part of this is ensuring that ticket purchase or reload is as quick and easy as getting to the summit of this huge mountain,” said Marke Dickson, Chief Marketing Officer, Panorama Mountain Resort. “Our search for a new Ecommerce platform started with Aspenware, and after looking at options from all around the world our choice was an easy one. With the power of the Aspen Skiing Company and the Alterra Mountain Company now behind Aspenware, we couldn’t have picked a better time to step forward.”

Panorama offers a unique family pass product, which allows guests to bundle parent, youth, and/or child season passes at a discounted rate. Aspenware’s flexible product attribute options and conversational booking flow make this product selection quick and easy for online guests.

To encourage pre-commitment without the financial burden of paying for family season passes all at once, Panorama is also taking advantage of Aspenware Payment Plans. Aspenware Payment Plans provide guests with the option to spread out their payments while also decreasing the burden of managing payment plans for the resort staff.

“Panorama is one of Canada’s best-known destinations, and probably the biggest mountain Americans have never skied,” said Rob Clark, CEO of Aspenware. “It was one of the first resorts in BC and Alberta to offer RFID lift access, and now they lead again with the Aspenware platform. We’re excited to partner with their progressive and responsive team.”

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