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enrope GmbH: Tailor-made fits best

Not everywhere are large ropeways the adequate solution for bringing guests up the mountain. Small lifts often fulfill the tasks on site particularly efficiently - especially when they are adapted exactly to the needs. The LUIS lift from enrope shows how this works.

By "Dr. Luise Weithaler, MM Editorial Office, "

The Blomberg mountain has been known as a luge mountain just outside Munich since 1906. The Blombergbahn can therefore point to a long tradition in this segment and, as a result, a great deal of expertise. For the guests there is a comprehensive offer with several winter luge runs, 500 rental luges and 2 summer luge runs.

On the mountain plateau, right next to the restaurant Blomberghaus, there had been a surface lift since 1971, which was replaced by a LUIS lift from enrope in 2019. Hans Zintel, CEO of the Blombergbahn, explains why this lift was chosen: "The LUIS lift impressed us with its simple design, which is also easy to maintain - it also convinced us in terms of its price-performance ratio. In addition, enrope has its headquarters here in Upper Bavaria, so we have short distances. Enrope is small enough to have the necessary flexibility that we appreciate - that benefits us."

The LUIS lift was actually supposed to go into operation in winter 2019, but a snow breakage event with damage to the lift and then Corona ruined the schedule. In winter of 2020/21, the time finally came, and the LUIS Lift was able to open in a pandemic-compliant soft opening.

The LUIS lift has a length of 300m and climbs 30 meters with the help of 3 towers. The tensioning system is positioned together with the drive in the valley station. During the ride, guests sit on a luge attached to the hanger instead of the T-bar, and their own luge or bobsled is pulled along. The transport capacity is 500 p/h, the speed 2 m/s. The ride thus lasts not quite 2 minutes.

Guests are enthusiastic

In winter of 2021/22, the LUIS lift was in service every day during normal opening hours. There were no problems, everything worked smoothly - and the guests were thrilled. The easy, family-friendly transport to the luge run, which is also suitable for beginners, was particularly well received. Children are thus soon able to find their way around on their own. "With this simple luge slope and the appropriate lift, the whole family has fun and we relieve our large red and black luge runs. It makes our luging offer more "rounded." We didn't think the lift would be so well received right away, but such surprises are welcome," says Hans Zintel enthusiastically.

That's why it was decided to increase the capacity of the LUIS lift. In consultation with TÜV SÜD, more hangers will be provided for transport so that all guests can reach their destination quickly.

Portfolio grows

In addition to successful installations, enrope can also boast an innovation with which it is entering the middle class of ski lifts. WILLI Lift is the name of the new variant, with which a drive power of up to 75 kW is possible. A WILLI Lift will be realized for the first time in the Black Forest/Seibelseckle.

The Seibelseckle is a pass at around 956 m above sea level in the main ridge of the northern Black Forest. Here is located the ski lift of the same name, which is known as one of the most snow-sure of its kind in the Black Forest. This lift, which enjoys great popularity and is correspondingly frequented during the season, is now being replaced by a powerful WILLI lift from enrope.

From the fall, enrope will also have the successful and tried-and-tested "Type 200 GL" disc lift retractable device available again. The special workshop, which is well equipped for professional repair service, also offers spare parts from its own production, such as roller rubbers, rubber pins, shackle connectors, breaking rods, towing ropes, etc. For all those who are looking for spare parts for their lift that are no longer available on the market or are difficult to obtain, it is definitely advisable to contact enrope.

By "Dr. Luise Weithaler, MM Editorial Office, "

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