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CWSAA: May 2023 Newsletter Newsletter

Message from the President

My first days after joining CWSAA in 2016 were spent at Spring Conference.  Our super engaged Chair was Steve Paccagnan, and Dawn Sleiman and Cynthia Thomas planned and executed the entire event.  As the new guy without responsibility, it was my easiest conference ever, though I’m told I was a little wide-eyed as I met many folks for the first time as the new CEO.  Much of it was a blur, but I recall with vivid clarity my discussions with Kevin Grogan and Richard Roy as the wildfires at Vista Ridge and Fort McMurray played out.

Today, we are seeing active wildfire in Alberta, and ski areas in all jurisdictions must prepare.  Many CWSAA members attended the emergency planning and response sessions in fall and the recent spring conference.  Ski areas are reminded to review their emergency response plans, and also reach out to their regional governments and responders to establish a relationship before a crisis occurs. This can be just a simple introduction, and could also include an inventory of available equipment and wildfire suppression capabilities.

As a follow up to the recent CWSAA spring conference, thank you to the many delegates that submitted their post-conference surveys.  Responses have been compiled and the team is already detailing improvements for the 2024 Spring Conference and making content additions to the 2023 fall division meetings.  A reminder that available spring conference materials are posted on the member section of the website.

In the coming days, members will receive the annual CWSAA member services survey that solicits feedback from members on association activity and focus areas.  This survey measures satisfaction levels, but importantly probes the areas of necessity and primary interest to members.  The results are critical to the CWSAA Board of Directors deliberations in June as it directs the organisation for the coming planning cycles.

A reminder that available spring conference materials are posted on the member section of the website.   As always, please reach out to CWSAA for any assistance.


– Christopher Nicolson

Highlights of this month's newsletter...

Small Areas Assistance Fund
Thank you to everyone that donated items, purchased items and donated.  This year $18,000 has been raised to support small ski areas attending industry events. 
CSC Mandate is Shifting from Growing the Sport to Growing the Industry!

Save the dates
Upcoming CWSAA Fall meeting dates. 

Ski Industry Support
The 2023 CWSAA spring conference recognized several great individuals in the industry. The occasion prompts us all to consider contributing to two important and active fundraising efforts.  Learn more about the Wayne Wiltse go fund me and the Rod Chisholm Memorial Glioblastoma Research Fund.

Passenger Ropeways Spring Courses
Lift 151, 152, 153 Spring Courses run until June 26. Register Now. 

OITAF Ropeways Conference comes to Canada in 2024
June 17-20, 2024 in Vancouver. 

2022-23 CWSAA Board of Directors
CWSAA welcomes Kate Roddick to the Board. 

Consumer Privacy Protection Act (Canada’s Bill C-27)
Register for the TIAA online session May 18 

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