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enrope: Second LUIS lift for Scandinavia

The enrope team is delighted to announce the completion and loading of another surface lift for Northern Europe.

The towers and top station come from the former Winterberg surface lift in Schonach (Black Forest). All reused components were extensively overhauled and re-galvanized.

The installation will also be fitted with a new enrope Luis drive, new electrical equipment, new rope and the outstanding enrope 200 towing devices with eddy current brakes.

enrope GmbH ensures that everything works together perfectly and safely!

Technical data:
  • Height difference: 104 m
  • Inclined towing length: 463 m
  • 5 towers with 2.25 m track width
  • Speed: 2.8 m/s
  • Transport capacity: 714 p/h
  • Drive power: 37 kW
  • Drive position: in the valley
  • Tensioning system: in the valley (manual) and on the mountain (weight)

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