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The first TechnoAlpin sustainability report is online

TechnoAlpin is the industry’s most innovative company, and not only in terms of product range. The innovation leader is also setting standards when it comes to sustainability issues. TechnoAlpin is the first snowmaking company to publish a comprehensive sustainability report.

Saving resources has always been a high priority at TechnoAlpin. In the past year, management set the integration and promotion of sustainability as one of four key corporate goals. The desire to create a measurable and comprehensive strategy was linked to this.

Six key material issues earmarked up to 2025 were analyzed as part of a stakeholder survey.

The material issues for a more sustainable future are:
innovation, energy efficiency, climate adaptation, circular economy, water and wastewater, employee engagement

In recent months, the measures already implemented for these material issues were reviewed and targets set for the next three years. The results are summarized in the company's first sustainability report. The report both summarizes and acts as a starting point. It is the starting point for a process to secure sustainability throughout TechnoAlpin's entire value chain. "We want to continue to play a pioneering role in the industry in the future and contribute to greater sustainability by channeling our efforts to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly systems. Working in conjunction with our partners, we have set ourselves the goal and task to promote awareness throughout our entire value chain in the coming years," explains TechnoAlpin Managing Director Erich Gummerer.

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