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Transforming Winter Sports: SKIDATA Celebrates Over 1,000 Digital Access Points!

Huge achievement: over 1,000 access points now support our Smartphone Ski Pass!

This innovative mobile ticketing solution is taking ski resorts by storm, marking a new era in the digital transformation of mountain destinations.

Here's how SKIDATA is hitting the slopes:
  • Ease: Effortless access with smartphones.
  • Green: Reducing plastic, aiding the environment.
  • Efficient: Streamlining resort operations seamlessly.
  • Secure: Minimizing fraud with advanced digital tickets.
  • Engaging: Enhancing guest communication and experience.
  • Insightful: Offering valuable data insights for better strategic planning.
  • Integrated: Smartphone Ski Pass fits flawlessly into existing SKIDATA systems.
Let's welcome the future of mountain tourism, marked by accessible, sustainable, and innovative experiences.

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