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LEITNER supplies Austrian and German ski resorts with state-of-the-art technologies for the upcoming ski winter

In the upcoming winter season, Austrian ski resorts will once again present new ropeways. Four ski destinations are relying on LEITNER's proven technologies, which not only ensure maximum safety and modern comfort but also meet today's requirements for sustainable and resource-saving operation to the highest degree. Two gondola lifts and two chairlifts in unique designs will significantly enhance the quality of skiing experiences. In Germany, LEITNER is undertaking a major project in the Fichtelgebirge with the construction of the 10-passenger gondola lift GD10 "Ochsenkopf Nord" set to be completed by the end of 2023. 

The two new 6-seater chairlifts, CD6C "Gauxjoch" and CD6C "Trattenbach”, in Kitzbühel embody the latest in sustainability. LEITNER has integrated its newest technologies for minimum energy consumption and maximum operational efficiency. In addition to the LEITNER DirectDrive, the LEITNER EcoDrive, that may save up to 20 percent with its automatic adaptive speed control and the Intelligent Heat Detector (IHD) for the chairs are part of the sustainable equipment. The installations are further enhanced by photovoltaic systems installed on the station buildings. Heatable Premium Chairs EVO and weather protection hoods ensure comfortable and pleasant transport regardless of weather conditions. The CD6C "Gauxjoch" transports up to 2,400 passengers per hour in a journey time of approximately 3.5 minutes, while the significantly shorter CD6C "Trattenbach" achieves the same transport capacity in under three minutes. 

In the Schlick 2000 ski center near Innsbruck, the new gondola lift GD10 "Galtbergbahn" replaces a 60-year-old surface lift. With a budget of 11 million euros, the installation serves the route from Fronebenalm to above Galtalm and offers an impressive panoramic view thanks to Diamond EVO cabins with large panoramic windows. LEITNER DirectDrive plays a significant role in achieving greater sustainability, reducing maintenance needs, and minimizing noise on this modern ropeway, which operates at a speed of 6 m/s over a length of 1,435 meters. 

Zeller Bergbahnen in Zillertal Valley also invests in the upcoming ski season. The 10-passenger gondola lift GD10 "Wilde Krimml" provides a direct connection between Zell and Gerlos, eliminating the need for a middle station compared to the existing chairlift. Equipped with LEITNER DirectDrive and Diamond EVO cabins, this installation offers state-of-the-art comfort for up to 2,400 passengers per hour during the trip from Krimmalm to Übergangsjoch. 

The modernization efforts in Austrian ski resorts are complemented by a surface lift in the Kitzsteinhorn/Maiskogel-Kaprun ski resort. 

Green lights for major ropeway expansion in the Fichtelgebirge in Germany 

In the Bavarian vacation region of Fichtelgebirge, work on LEITNER’s new 10-passenger gondola lift GD10 "Ochsenkopf Nord" will be completed by the start of the 2023/24 winter season. The following year, the ambitious construction program will continue with the complete replacement of the two existing chairlifts and the modernization of the south lift on the Ochsenkopf. 

With this extensive investment, the operators aim to make the traditional sports and recreation area more accessible and usable for as many people as possible. Special consideration is given to the needs of mono-skiers, whose association operates its training center on the Ochsenkopf. To overcome the distance to the entrance of the cabin, which mono-skiers cannot normally manage without help, two variants will be tested at the start of the winter season. The first option involves using the sliding mat strip system, successfully implemented on the Weissseejochbahn in Tyrol's Kaunertal valley. The second option involves using a specialized wheelchair to access the cabin. 

Once both lifts are completed, the modernization of the Ochsenkopf will double the transportation capacity and significantly reduce waiting times on the way to the longest ski slopes in northern Bavaria. The ropeways operate year-round, and thus barrier-free and extremely spacious Diamond cabins are utilized. In the summer months, guests with strollers, wheelchairs or bicycles can also be transported without any issues. 

By enhancing the attractiveness of the Ochsenkopf, the vacation region in the Fichtelgebirge will offer a year-round experience not only for ski tourists but also for mountain bikers, families, and senior citizens.

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