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Kirkwood Mountain: Ricky Newberry new Vice President & General Manager

With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, Ricky brings a deep understanding of the industry and complex mountain operations to Kirkwood. He started his career at Kirkwood in 1999. He remained focused on mountain operations and safety over the next two decades between Kirkwood and Heavenly, most recently serving as VP of Mountain Operations at Heavenly since 2021. 

It’s undeniable that Ricky’s love of Kirkwood runs deep. This is not just a homecoming, but the realization of a lifelong commitment to the outdoors, our mountains, our #KirkwoodKind culture, and (of course) snowsports. And if you know Ricky, you'll agree that he exudes passion, living our values each and every day.  

Ricky and his family are ardent supporters of the environment and make every effort to be responsible stewards of this beautiful place we are all so lucky to call home – the very same ethos that is embedded into the Kirkwood community and culture.

Kirkwood’s big mountain spirit and passionate community require someone who understands both the complexity of the resort’s operational needs and the power of connection, and Ricky has both in spades. 

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