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25,000 Pistenbully machines - a one-of-a-kind success story

There is cause for celebration at Kässbohrer again this winter. This time it is not a milestone birthday, but an impressive production number – a short while ago, the 25,000th PistenBully rolled off the line and began its trek to the Spanish Sierra Nevada.

Longtime, close collaboration

The 25,000th machine is a PistenBully 600 E+ with diesel-electric drive, which is now part of the Sierra Nevada fleet – one of 8 green machines there. The Sierra Nevada ski resort has been fully dependent on PistenBully for many years and is a worthy customer for this quite special machine. A critical step in this success story was the 1996 Alpine Ski World Championships at Sierra Nevada. At this first big event in Spain, PistenBully was the official outfitter and, together with the Spanish dealer CASLI S.A., laid the cornerstone for the longtime friendly collaboration with this extraordinary alpine ski resort, whose foothills extend to the Mediterranean Sea.

Such a long partnership does not happen all on its own. It comes about only with quality products, innovative advantage, professional customer support, reliable service and a relationship based on trust. As José Luis Romero, Deputy Managing Director of Sierra Nevada, explains: "Sierra Nevada and PistenBully have shared the same values from the start: quality, reliability, progressiveness – always with consideration of the natural world. Quality products and reliable partners stand for long-term thinking. This is why we rely on durable machines, which can be depended on in all situations. The fact that we can now implement this with sustainable machines is a big positive and is in harmony with our philosophy. For this reason, Kässbohrer with PistenBully is and remains a great partner for us."

Now if that isn't reason to celebrate! This is also why the staff of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG celebrated its 25,000th PistenBully in due fashion with a big party.

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