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Marble Mountain: Progress Report on recent challenges

From Marble Mountain:

We wanted to share the latest developments in our ongoing efforts to address the recent challenges faced by our ski hill. Despite the setbacks, we're incredibly proud of the progress we've made thanks to the dedication of our operations team and the invaluable support from JCL Construction, who have been instrumental in the removal process.

Here's a summary of our current status:

Dirt Removal: Approximately 500-600 tons of dirt have been cleared around the lower terminal, with removal operations scheduled to continue tomorrow and Wednesday.

Snow Pushing: The initial phase of pushing snow on Marble Chute has begun, with significant progress made in filling in most of the trenches with man-made snow.

Engineering Assessment: Don Senior, from our engineering crew, has confirmed that all towers are in excellent condition with zero damage. They've withstood the water flow without any issues.

Terrain Evaluation: While further assessment is pending, our initial evaluation indicates that the man-made snow has held up better than anticipated on higher terrain which is incredible.

Reopening Route: Although the exact route down the mountain for Friday is still undetermined, rest assured, our team is working tirelessly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Despite the initial challenges, we're feeling increasingly confident that this setback will soon be nothing more than a memory or a story to tell. Your continued support and patience mean the world to us as we work towards restoring Marble Mountain to its full glory.

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