| Projects | Current | 2024-03-19

The Highlands at Harbor Springs: Interconnect Lift Upgrade

The new Interconnect triple lift will significantly improve the guest experience by providing better accessibility to the North Peak region's intermediate, family-friendly terrain. With a faster ascent and increased capacity, riders will spend a third less time on the lift, allowing them to maximize their skiing and riding experience among the northern end's 14 runs. The new lift also comes with RFID gates that provide direct-to-lift access, and a child- and adaptive-friendly height-adjustable loading carpet. The chairs feature bench-style seating, safety bars, and footrests to ensure added comfort for riders of all ages.

“We are eager to upgrade our Interconnect lift with a new Doppelmayr fixed-grip design to enhance the experience for guests next winter season,” said Mike Chumbler, president and general manager of The Highlands.  "With improved speed, efficiency, modern conveniences, and safety features, we are confident that this addition will help build on the overall skiing and riding adventures at The Highlands."

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