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Chairlift mechanical problem necessitates Hogadon Basin season closure

Despite low snow conditions Hogadon Basin had 96-Day Ski Season

Casper, Wyo. City officials announce the closure of Hogadon Basin Ski Area for the season citing a mechanical problem with Prospector Chairlift as the clllprit. „Regretfully, it has been determined the necessary repairs to the chairlift cannot be completed before the end of the ski season,'' explained Christopher Smith, superintendent of Hogadon Base Ski Area. "Though we've had the longest season to date with 96 days of skiing, we share the disappointment with our patrons that we cannot have a few more ski days."

Smith went on to discuss their top priority of safety, delivering skiing satisfaction for their patrons, and how Hogadon Basin Ski Area staff worked to have all trails open from Christmas onward. The low snowfall in the region this season presented operational difficulties for many ski resorts across the region. "We worked to overcome low snowfall by leveraging innovative snowmaking technologies,'' commented Smith."

The City of Casper is addressing the chair-lift repair promptly and is working to implement ticket purchasing and communication technology enhancements in preparation for the 2024/2025 ski season. "Looking forward to next season, I am very optimistic with the work we will be doing this offseason to improve the patron experience at Hogadon Basin for Casper residents and our visitors" Smith exclaimed."

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